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Dendrobium House

Perched on the slopes of the Hantana Mountain Range

In the secluded heart of Sri Lanka

The villa takes its name from the Dendrobium Maccarthiae, an orchid indigenous to southern Sri Lanka

The famed architect

Channa Daswatta

Not only composed the layout of the villa

But also arranged the interior design of the house, as well as organized the landscaping for the garden

Designed based on a contemporary take of Colonial style

While taking inspirations from other colonial houses of Sri Lanka, which he observed during his childhood

The location features stunning scenery of vast mountains, virgin rain forests and breathtaking farmlands This elegant villa features 6 fully-furnished suites, each with a unique nature-based theme With the property comprised of 28 acres of land, naturally there are a few other sites to see Including several acres of rainforest to hike through An impressive coffee plantation and a charming terraced paddy field, all organically grown An active farm, currently producing thick sweet wild honey and Sri Lanka’s specialty kithul treacle As well as the fragrant and spicy black peppers and turmeric

So please come and stay

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