Located in the core of the country, bordered by virgin cloud forests and verdant mountains, Dendrobium House is located in a truly idyllic location, with access to the country’s history, culture, nature and economy!

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Please enjoy your stay in any of our nature-themed, colonial-inspired rooms, all outfitted with modern furniture and luxuries. Each room possesses a cozy atmosphere, with some of them overlooking the stunning, verdant Hantana mountain-range.

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Please stay and enjoy our cuisine, whether it be western-style course meals, or local comfort foods, or even pastries and sweets paired with highland tea or coffee, we are prepared to spoil you.

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Enjoy a tour of the property, whether it be our challenging hiking paths, our educational fully organic farms, or the beautiful yet relaxing garden, a stroll through any of these environments is sure to invigorate you.

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Hantana, and by extension, Kandy City, has a multitude of places to explore, whether they be the historical ‘Temple of the Tooth’, the exciting Perahera festival or the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens, there is so much to see.

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