Nestled on the slopes of the Hantana Mountain Range, with stunning landscape views of the Sri Lankan highlands, Dendrobium House is one of the most magnificent and isolated spots one can find in the heart of the country. Located approximately 12km from Kandy City, Dendrobium House contains 6 luxury bedrooms, spacious and open living and dining areas, a beautifully manicured garden and our completely organic farm which one can explore. The house is named after an indigenous orchid species known as the Dendrobium Maccarthiae, an iconic flower in Sri Lanka that blooms in the month of Vesak, a holiday which simultaneously celebrates the birth, enlightenment and ascension of Buddha. A lovely place to get away from it all, Dendrobium House is the extravagant haven laying in the country's core, only a few miles away from Kandy.


A scenic mountain range placed firmly in the island’s heart, a treasure trove of life and fertility where all the country’s rivers flow from, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that the Hantana Mountain Range is the source of life for virtually the entire nation. It is in these mountains that the famed Kandy Kingdom once stood, one of the few domains that none of the previous colonies that invaded the country, which includes the Great British Empire, could subdue, until it fell due to internal politics. Though it is a 3 hours’ drive from Colombo, it is only a 10-15 minutes’ drive from Kandy City. The winding mountain roads can lead you from one stunning site to another.